Pastel Colours

3ed60f3548c3008fe8a2c7f631bfd458I see so many clients looking to achieve pastel hair. Pastel hair is not as easy as you think it would be. Most of these tips I have figured out by trial and error as I’ve experimented with different colours.

  • hair must be at least a level 10. The most desirable results with be achieved when you have broken threw the yellow underlying pigment. And only pale yellow is left in the underlying pigment.
  • multiple rounds of lightening is often needed.

I am a stylist who truly focuses on the integrity of the hair. When I have a client looking for pastel colour I always explain that it’s a process “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The slower the process of lightening the safer it is for the hair. I always start with 20vol on virgin hair and 10 vol hair that’s already been lightened.

The more even the blonde prior to applying the pastel colour the better the result. If some has had highlights In the past it often grabs the pigment more quickly then the other hair.

  • i like to pre tone to remove any unwanted tones before I apply the desired colour. For example a natural level 5 lightened to a level 10 but is still showing a little gold. If the desired shade is something cool. Apply a violet to cut the gold then apply desired colour.
  • when a client is choosing a pastel colour it’s something they need to stay committed to. For example peach hair.
  • When the colour begins to fade you will be left with a very orangey golden blonde which may be undesirable to some clients.

    With a gray or lavender, after the toner begins to fade you would be left with a much cooler blonde or even white hair

    I like my clients to love their hair at all times. I often take a small amount of the pastel I used (direct pigment only) and put it into a conditioner so they are able to keep it up at home.

    Have fun experimenting and if you have any questions please comment below!

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